New Neighbors

Neighbors meeting neighbors through social activities and community service

History of our Organization

Our Purpose

Neighbors meeting neighbors through social activities and community service.

New Neighbors of the Greater Memphis Area, Inc. is a non-profit social and service organization that strives to benefit our local community. The club welcomes residents in all the surrounding areas of Greater Memphis, Tennessee area. We provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for those who are new to our area, and those who are undergoing lifestyle changes, such as becoming new parents, empty nesters, or recent retirees. Whether you’re interested in social activities or community involvement, New Neighbors has something for you.

Our History

New Neighbors was founded in 1972 when 26 women started Welcome Wagon of Germantown “to extend a helping hand to new residents and acquaint them with civic and social activities.”  In May, 1994, the organization left Welcome Wagon to become New Neighbors of Germantown. Twenty years later, in January 2014, our members voted to change our name one more time to New Neighbors of the Greater Memphis Area. Although we are usually referred to as “New Neighbors,” our official name signifies that everyone who lives in Greater Memphis is invited to join. We are not affiliated with any other local, state, or national organization. 

Another major change that occurred with the move to the new organization is that membership is open to everyone who wants to belong, whether they moved here yesterday or have lived in the area all their lives. Our membership averages 300 to 400 members, which is amazing considering that all memberships start over each year on June 1.  

New Neighbors’ motto “Neighbors meeting neighbors through social activities and community service” is a good description of who we are. Our members have an opportunity to participate in more than 40 activity groups each month.. Activities are geared to a wide variety of interests, from book discussions to tennis to gardening or investing. While most of the activities meet during the day, a few are offered in the evening to accommodate members who work.  Couples and singles are invited to attend wine tasting and dining groups on the weekends. All members are encouraged to attend our luncheon, which is held each month, except June and July. Our luncheons feature an entertaining program or speaker. Issues that need to be addressed are discussed at the business meeting following the luncheon. 

Our members believe that there is no better way to become part of a new community than by contributing your time, talents, and money to help others who are less fortunate. New Neighbors’ members give back to the community through Service and Ways and Means.  

Volunteer options available through Service are varied depending on the needs of the community. Favorite activities have been visiting with young cancer patients or elderly Alzheimer’s patients, caring for animals, and tutoring adults. 

Ways and Means offers opportunities to provide financial support for local charities. Each year our members nominate local charities to receive donations through Ways and Means. Our members donate their time and energy to fundraising activities and they also make personal financial contributions to their charities.  

If you have not already joined, we cordially invite you to become a member of New Neighbors.

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